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WILTA is committed to supporting the teaching and learning of Indonesian in Western Australia. WILTA members are not only Indonesian educators working in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors but also students and community members who are also passionate about learning and teaching Indonesian.


Lasting Connections

Many WILTA members have formed lasting connections with Indonesia. Some were fortunate enough to study in Indonesia during their university years, such as Lisa, Indonesian teacher at Mandurah Senior College. Lisa is pictured here with her Ibu Kos who she had the pleasure of catching up with during the WILTA Sumatra tour, 10 years after completing her studies at Universitas Negeri Padang.

Warta WILTA Archives

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PD Opportunity: Language Learning Space

The Language Learning Space is an exciting new initiative of Education Services Australia Ltd. It brings together a wide range of online resources aligned with the Australian Curriculum, such as immersive stories in-country, build-your-own learning sequences, and free tutor services from the IALF Bali, to help make Indonesian language learning a truly engaging experience for […]

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WILTA Workshop and Annual General Meeting 2014

WILTA’s final event of 2014 will take place on Saturday 1 November. It is also the time of our AGM, that all-important time when we elect the office bearers who will bring you WILTA activities for 2015. We are always keen to encourage new committee members so please give some thought to whether you would […]

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Surat dari Ibu Presiden: Term 3 2014

SURAT DARI IBU PRESIDEN   Cukup menarik liburan sekolah ini, bukan karena Piala Dunia (semoga suatu hari kita akan melihat TimNas Indonesia ikut pertandingan itu!) tapi karena Pemilu Presiden Republik Indonesia. Saya sendiri hampir tidak bisa percaya bahwa 10 tahun Presiden SBY sudah lewat, walaupun di Australia cukup banyak perubahan pemerintah dalam waktu yang sama. […]

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Surat dari Ibu Presiden: Term 2 2014

SURAT DARI IBU PRESIDEN   Rekan-rekan yang saya hormati, Menurut saya, salah satu pengalaman yang paling mempengaruhi murid-murid kita dengan memberikan persepsi positif tentang Indonesia adalah pertukaran siswa. Ikut ke Indonesia, mengalami suasana dan budaya Indonesia dan bersahabat dengan teman-teman sekelas di sekolah kembar merupakan proses belajar yang sangat bermanfaat. Tapi mari kita tidak melupakan […]

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