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WILTA is committed to supporting the teaching and learning of Indonesian in Western Australia. WILTA members are not only Indonesian educators working in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors but also students and community members who are also passionate about learning and teaching Indonesian.


Lasting Connections

Many WILTA members have formed lasting connections with Indonesia. Some were fortunate enough to study in Indonesia during their university years, such as Lisa, Indonesian teacher at Mandurah Senior College. Lisa is pictured here with her Ibu Kos who she had the pleasure of catching up with during the WILTA Sumatra tour, 10 years after completing her studies at Universitas Negeri Padang.

Warta WILTA Archives

Warta WILTA 2013

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Warta WILTA 2012

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IALF-WILTA Reciprocal Teachers Visit

Reciprocal Teacher Visit to Bali 2014-5 An Exciting Professional Development Opportunity (available to WILTA members only!) January 2015 Funding is available to a WILTA member to travel to Bali for a three-week professional development opportunity during January 2015 and work with the Indonesian Australian Language Foundation (IALF) and a group of local schools. Is 2015 […]

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WILTA May Workshop – “Making it Meaningful”

“Making it Meaningful” WILTA’s second event of 2014, our traditional May workshop, will take place on Saturday 24 May.  With a theme of “Making it Meaningful” our focus is on helping students relate their learning of Indonesian to real situations, including meaningful lesson activities, communicating with sister school students and playing traditional children’s games.  Participants are […]

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Surat dari Ibu Presiden: Term 1 2014

SURAT DARI IBU PRESIDEN   Rekan-rekan yang saya hormati, Selamat datang ke edisi Warta WILTA 2014 yang pertama ini!  Pertama-tama saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih banyak sekali kepada Ibu Lisa Djanegara atas semua pekerjaannya selama dua tahun yang terakhir ini sebagai Presiden WILTA.  Ibu Lisa sudah membuat sumbangan yang sangat berharga, khususnya dalam kegiatan kerjasama […]

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IALF/WILTA Reciprocal Teacher Visit 2014

IALF/WILTA Reciprocal Teacher Visit May-June 2014 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO HOST WILTA is once again seeking expressions of interest from members who wish to have an IALF teacher as a short term language assistant in their classroom for a week at the start of Term 2 2014. Preference will be given to applicants who are […]

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